NanoPlasma Treatment

Plasma is the 'fourth state of matter' after solids, gases and liquids.  It is created when heat excites a gas and causes ionisation.  We can use plasma to provide aesthetic treatments including treatment of acne and acne scars, removal of verrucas, xanthelasmas, moles, fibromas, keloid scars, stretch marks, tattoos, wrinkles and excessive eyelid skin, and for mini face-lifting. For this we offer NanoPlasma treatment.

In particular, removal of excessive eyelid skin, known as the 'non-surgical blepharoplasty' can be an effective treatment for suitable patients who wish to avoid the risks of and costs of surgery under a general anaesthetic.  The excess tissue is sublimated away without the need for an incision and stitches or risk of altering the delicate eye muscles.

NanoPlasma Treatment Information

What does it cost?

A NanoPlasma treatment generally costs £350 per treatment session.

Repeat treatments may be required depending on which condition is being treated.


Treatment examples

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