Microneedling is a recognised treatment based on initiating the skin’s regenerative potential leading to repair of the skin with a long-term aim of natural regeneration and improvement of the skin.

It is used for the treatment of lines and wrinkles, scars, and skin laxity as it leads to an increase in skin elasticity but also skin hydration. It is a great treatment for the face where it is excellent for rejuvenating the fine lines that can form around the mouth with age and the neck and décolletage where other treatment options are limited.

Treatment information

Using a special pen-like device, multiple vertical tiny punctures are made into the skin. This promotes a wound healing response and ultimately new collagen and elastin fibres form over a period of a few months, but without the formation of scars.

As the epidermis remains intact the procedure can be repeated and it can also used in areas where lasers and deep peels cannot be due to risks associated with those treatments.

The microneedling device that we use is the Flawless Pen.

This treatment is most suitable for patients with 'structural damage' to their skin such as scars, stretch marks, cellulite, fine lines and laxity due to ageing. However, results are not instantaneous and a course of treatment is advised to obtain the most benefit.

As there is no risk of pigment changes it can be used safely on all skin types but it is not suitable for patients with active acne or skin cancer. It can't be used for treatment of keloid scars or for treatment of raised moles.  It is also not recommended for pregnant patients.

A consultation is required to assess suitability for this treatment as well as to go over the risks and benefits in detail.

Microneedling is a very safe procedure, and will not cause pigment changes which can be a risk in darker skin types.  Therefore it can be used on all skin types and any skin area.

There are no risks related to medicines or other substances that patients may be taking.

Some patients with a past history of herpes infections (cold sores) can find that they are reactivated by this treatment so it is advised to use anti-viral creams for a few days before any treatment.

After treatment the skin will be red and will feel tight and this normally resolves in a few days after which make-up can be used again.  During this initial phase whilst the skin is calling down you will also need to avoid heat and direct sunlight.

As with any cosmetic treatment there may be some slight swelling, redness or bruising which will usually disappear within a few days.

Full aftercare instructions will be given to you as part of the consultation.

What does it cost?

A microneedling treatment costs £195 and a course of 6 treatments is advised to obtain the best results.

Courses of treatment are discounted when paid in full.




Treatment time 30-60 minutes.

Topical local anaesthetic is sometimes required

A course of treatment is required to obtain maximum benefit

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