Mesotherapy was developed in 1952 by a French physician, Dr. Michel Pistor. Like Microneedling, multiple tiny injections are made, however a treatment solution is delivered to the middle layer of skin. These solutions can replace hyaluronic acid, vitamins and even your own plasma growth factors. The products that we use for mesotherapy include PRGF-ENDORET, Redensity 1 and Filorga-135HA.

Mesotherapy can be used to rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin as well as stimulating growth of fresh cells and hair. Progressively thinning hair is a concern for both men and women. It's incidence increases with age and it is most often seen in postmenopausal women but can affect men from a much younger age, leading to self-esteem issues and loss of self-confidence. The aim of hair loss treatment is to decrease the progression of hair loss, to stimulate hair regrowth and improve hair quality.

We use the U225 meso-injector which is a high quality automatic device specifically designed for this procedure. The U225 meso-injector quickly and comfortably injects product at a precise depth, distributing the treatment product evenly throughout the skin and the scalp.

Treatment information

What does it cost?

A mesotherapy treatment costs £250 and a course of 6 treatments is advised to obtain the best results.

Courses of treatment are discounted when paid in full.




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