Lines And Wrinkles Treatments

Lines and Wrinkles

Our lines and wrinkles treatments with purified botulinum toxin can smoothen wrinkles and lessen dynamic lines, giving the face a younger, fresher look.

We use the industry-leading products Azzalure® and Botox® that have been tried and tested for many years. Both of these products contain purified botulinum toxin A which we find give the best results.

Wrinkle relaxing injections can temporarily reduce or even eliminate frown, forehead and smile lines. Crow’s feet can also be treated as can other areas of the face such as dimpling chins and neck bands. The process is quick and comfortable with results starting to be seen after a few days. The treatment can be repeated after 3-4 months although some patients may find it lasts longer. Side-effects are rare and normal activities can be resumed straight away.

Treatment information

Botox® and Azzalure® temporarily block the release of a chemical at the nerve endings of a muscle to stop it from contracting. The relaxation of this muscle lessens the tension of the muscle and ultimately reduces lines and wrinkles. If lines are present without movement, these are called static lines and these may improve slightly with botulinum toxin A, however they may also need additional treatment with a dermal filler.

To administer the treatment, the are to be treated is marked with the exact sites. The product is then injected using a Juvapen delivery device, which allows for an extremely precise dose administration.  Patients also find this an extremely comfortable.

Botox® and Azzalure® treatments are suitable for most adults with wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement, typicaly frown lines, forehead lines and crow's feet, although there are some medical problems that prevent treatment.

Additionally, as this is a prescription-only treatment, a face-to-face consultation beforehand is mandatory.

It is not a suitable treatment for pregnant or breast-feeding women, and due to animal testing most toxin products are not suitable for vegans.

Botox® and Azzalure® have been used for many years with high levels of patient satisfaction and safety.  They are extensively tested and licensed for treatment of the glabellar (frown) region.  Other areas can be treated safely, albeit 'off-licence'.

Side effects are unusual and if they occur minimal and temporary. Some patients experience a headache the first time they are treated.  You can return to the normal activities straight way but are advised not to rub the treated area or take exercise for the rest of the day to avoid any migration of the product.




As with any cosmetic treatment there may be some redness which dissipates quickly or bruising which will usually disappear within a few days.  Most patients can return to work straight after treatment.

Full aftercare instructions will be given to you as part of the consultation.

What does it cost?

Botox® and Azzalure® treatment is priced by area, as each of the areas generally requires the same amount of product.

A 1-area face treatment costs £180, and is either the frown lines, the forehead or the crow's feet.

A 2-area face treatment costs £230, and a 3-area face treatment is £280.

If additional areas are to be treated at the same time, or an area such as the neck which may require more product you will be advised of any additional cost at the consultation.

The treatment fees include a review and adjustment if needed within a 3-week period after the initial treatment.

Treatment usually takes 15 minutes.

Local anaesthetic is not required

Results are usually effective for 3-4 months before re-treatment is required.


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