Sweating is an important and natural method of cooling the body down. However, many people find excessive sweating or persistent sweating, known as hyperhidrosis to be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Hyperhidrosis treatment is available for those with this condition.

Hyperhidrosis can be caused by disease but it can also occur in people with normal, healthy sweat glands. Treatment can be provided to reduce the amount of sweating from the under arm region or the palms.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Information

Excessive sweating from the underarms and palms can be reduced using a botulinum toxin A product.

Tiny amounts are injected under the skin using the Juvapen delivery device to temporarily block the release of the chemical that stimulates the sweat glands. It takes a couple of weeks to reach maximum effect.

Combined with avoidance of triggers like stress and anxiety, botulinum toxin can drastically reduce the amount you sweat.


This treatment is most suitable for patients who are troubled by excessive sweating and are suitable for treatment with Azzalure® and Botox®.  It is not suitable for people who have certain neuromuscular diseases or pregnant or breast-feeding women.

A consultation is required to assess suitability for this treatment as well as to go over the risks and benefits in detail.

This is a safe treatment using well-tested products, however if you have problems with excessive sweating you should also consult your doctor to check if there are any other underlying reasons for it.






There is usually minimal downtime with this treatment.  Whilst the treatment itself is straight forward, you will need to avoid wearing deodorant for 12 hours after treatment.

Full aftercare instructions will be given to you as part of the consultation.

What does it cost?

A hyperhidrosis treatment costs from £395.

Treatment usually takes 30 minutes

Local anaesthetic is not required

Results are usually effective for around 6-12 months


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