Hair Loss Therapy

Hair Loss Therapy

Progressively thinning hair is a concern for both men and women. It's incidence increases with age and it is most often seen in postmenopausal women but can affect men from a much younger age, leading to self-esteem issues and loss of self-confidence. Our hair loss therapy can help.

The aim of hair loss treatment is to decrease the progression of hair loss, to stimulate hair regrowth and improve hair quality.

We can do this by utilising the technique of mesotherapy with various product including PRGF, neurotoxin and Filogra-NCTF-135HA.

Treatment information

Hair loss treatment works by using a combination of mesotherapy with PRGF, or a combination of Azzalure® with Filorga-NCTF 135HA.

PRGF involves taking a small volume of the patient's blood is taken and placed into a centrifuge to separate the plasma.  From this, we select the part with the most platelets as these contain the growth factors required for regeneration. The platelet-rich plasma is then activated and injected into the dermal papilla in the scalp using a mesotherapy injector.  The growth factors stimulate the hair follicles and new hair growth is promoted.

Alternatively, Azzalure® and Filorga-NCTF 135HA is combined and injected which improves hair quality and reduces the speed of the hair cycle thereby leading to better hair quality and decreased hair loss.

The mesotherapy injecting device that we use is the U225 injector.

This treatment is most suitable for patients with early to moderate male or female patterned hair loss, that is to say thinning hair on the crown and towards the front of the scalp who are concerned or self-conscious,

A consultation is required to assess suitability for this treatment as well as to go over the risks and benefits in detail.

This treatment uses the mesotherapy technique with PRGF-ENDORET to regenerate hair follicles and stimulate hair regrowth.

Mesotherapy is a very safe procedure, and as the PRGF-ENDORET system uses the patient's own blood it means that there is no risk of allergic reactions.   There are over 100 peer-reviewed studies for the PRGF system that we use which indicate effectiveness in many branches of medicine.  There is evidence that platelet-rich plasma if effective in promoting hair growth.

There are no risks related to medicines or other substances that patients may be taking.

After treatment the skin will be red and will feel a bit sore temporarily but there is no specific downtime with this treatment. 

Full aftercare instructions will be given to you as part of the consultation.

What does it cost?

A hair restoration treatment costs £295 and a course of treatment is advised to obtain the best results.  The number and frequency of the treatments can be advised upon consultation.

Courses of treatment are discounted when paid in full.

Treatment time 40-60 minutes

Topical local anaesthetic is not required

A course of treatment is required to obtain maximum benefit

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