Hair Loss Therapy

Hair Loss Therapy

Progressively thinning hair is a concern for both men and women. It's incidence increases with age and it is most often seen in postmenopausal women but can affect men from a much younger age, leading to self-esteem issues and loss of self-confidence. Our hair loss therapy can help.

The aim of hair loss treatment is to decrease the progression of hair loss, to stimulate hair regrowth and improve hair quality.

We can do this by utilising the technique of mesotherapy with various product including PRGF, neurotoxin and Filogra-NCTF-135HA.

Treatment information

What does it cost?

A hair restoration treatment costs £295 and a course of treatment is advised to obtain the best results.  The number and frequency of the treatments can be advised upon consultation.

Courses of treatment are discounted when paid in full.

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