Eyelash Enhancement

Eyelash Enhancement

Eyelashes define the eyes and beautify the face.  It is possible to enhance eyelashes in a safe and natural way without the need to add artificial extensions which can damage the eyelash or create the risks of allergic reactions to adhesives. Our Eyelash Enhancement treatment is deigned just for this.

We can provide a serum which is used once per day to encourage eyelash growth resulting in thicker, darker, longer lashes in only a few weeks.

Treatment Information

Eyelash growth serum works by extending the growth cycle of the hair meaning that the eyelash becomes longer before it is naturally shed and by increasing the number of hairs that are produced.

The serum is applied once per day, onto clean eyes using a special applicator that is discarded after use. Contact lenses need to be removed but can be put in 15 minutes after application.

Effects can start to be seen after a couple of weeks; initially the lashes get longer and then thicker and darker.  To reach this stage takes around 3 months.


This treatment is most suitable for patients who would like to lengthen and thicken their eyelashes and do not want, or cannot have eyelash extensions.

It is not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women or people who suffer with conjunctivitis, uveitis, severe allergies, macular oedema or have infections in the upper eyelid skin.

A consultation is required to assess suitability for this treatment as well as to go over the risks and benefits in detail.

This treatment is safe for most people except those listed above.

It is important to follow the instructions correctly and apply the serum correctly.  The disposable applicators must not be reused and any serum not used after 4 weeks should be discarded.






There is no downtime with this treatment, however it does take time for the full results to be seen.

Full instructions will be given to you as part of the consultation.

What does it cost?

A single bottle of eyelash serum costs £70, and includes applicators for one-months treatment.

A 3-month supply of serum and applicators costs £195.

A face-to-face consultation is required for this treatment

This treatment is applied at home

Results are usually seen in 4 weeks with optimal results at 3 months

If treatment is stopped the eyelashes will gradually return to normal


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