…Glitz, Glamour and a bit of Sparkle!


Glitz, glamour, sparkle. So Strictly is back this year with all the razzle and dazzle we have come to expect. Saturday nights are for snuggling up on the sofa and becoming the 2 minute professionals of dance, critiquing and giving our own “expert” opinions on the dancers as they perform for the judges and our votes.   I must say that I have my favourites as do our children and there are some dances that I really look forward to watching such as the salsa with its sexy hip movements, the fast and furious jive and cheeky Charleston. I also love the romantic Viennese waltz with its dreamy turns and fluid movements across the dancefloor. I am sure that many of us watching would love to have the opportunity to perform a dance with one of those amazing professionals…

Glitz, Glamour and a bit of Sparkle

The dresses and outfits, hair and makeup are all amazing and always seem to be individual and really creative. The dancers all joke about having the spray tan in preparation for the performance! The movie week was another example of the creativity and talent of the dress makers and costume designers, from the blue genie to the amazing flying batman costume! Our children love the dancing and on Sunday morning we watching their little dancing show in the kitchen.

What could be more fitting than having a dazzling white smile to go with the whole look? We can brighten your smile and remove those tea and coffee stains with our fantastic air flow stain removal treatment. Of course, good and consistent oral hygiene is vital in order to keep your teeth clean and healthy, free from plaque and stains. There are many types of toothpaste on the market claiming to offer whitening, some are very good at reducing the build-up of stains but none of them will actually whiten the teeth. Reducing the amount of heavily stained foods, coffee, tea, herbal teas, red wine etc. in your diet will help to reduce the build-up of stains on your teeth.


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